The FCC’s Needless Interference with Free Speech

The Federal Communications Commission is launching an investigation into Stephen Colbert after numerous complaints have been filed over his “homophobic” remarks. Colbert, host of The Late Show, included in a rant against President Trump the following insult.

“The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c—k holster.”

FCC chairman Ajit Pai said in a radio interview on 1210 WPHT that “Traditionally, the agency has to decide, if it does find a violation, what the appropriate remedy should be. A fine, of some sort, is typically what we do.”

The FCC’s investigation into Colbert’s remark is completely worthless and a waste of taxpayer money.

The idea that we should pay money for an agency to watch a thirty second tape, have them decide if its offensive, and then punish the offender is ridiculous. If people are so outraged by Mr. Colbert’s remarks they should punish him through their power as consumers. Refuse to watch his show, pester CBS to drop him, or pressure him into an apology. The free market gives the individual the power to financially punish a business or person already. Relying on government to do it for you is not the solution.

For once you are able to hamper the free speech of someone you find offensive what stops the other side from hampering the free speech of someone you agree with? You cannot afford to act in the short term for small victories without considering the long term implications. (Not that censoring someone should ever be considered a victory. It is far better to have opposing views than be in a vacuum of unchanging thought.) Taking back power from the government is nearly impossible so you can never afford to give them any.

On the taxpayer side of things it gets even more ridiculous. Why should our hard earned money go to some government agency to decide whether something someone said is obscene? Surely we all have the ability to determine for ourselves what is obscene or not. If we do view something as obscene we have the power to withdraw ourselves from it. Those who do enjoy Mr. Colbert’s remarks should have the ability to continue to watch his show without having a false version of himself afraid of being censored.

Earlier in the article Pai said that the most likely action would be a fine. I’m sure that’s just going to devastate Colbert and his $15 million dollar salary. Glad to see our tax dollars are going to such an effective use.

If it were up to me any speech, besides that which would encourage or incite violence, would be allowed on television. One of our country’s founding principles and rights is the freedom of speech. It is crucial that anyone be allowed to speak their mind, no matter how much we may personally find it reprehensible. For once we find it acceptable to punish someone else for their opinions free speech dies.

The Reward of Fighting for Free Speech

It’s been known for a while now that anything you say can and will be turned against you. As soon as the social justice warriors seize upon a single utterance that can be taken as mildly offensive they will quickly misconstrue it to stunning degrees. It’s almost a work of art how quickly they can slander someone, although it is most certainly a decadent art. This collective of thought police seem to treasure nothing more than the obliteration of any individual that opposes their view.

This intolerance has once again displayed itself in response to Colin Moriarty, a game journalist and former member of Kinda Funny. On International Women’s Day Colin posted the following tweet.

Ignoring the irony of well off women taking the day off to protest, while women that need to work to make ends meet had to continue with their jobs, the normal onslaught of outrage poured onto Colin. Immediately the calls of sexism were shouted, but perhaps the most amazing is a headline from the International Business Times.

“Kinda Funny’s Colin Moriarty Resigns After Targeting Women In Racist Joke; Insists It’s His Personal Decision.”

Now I am fairly certain women are not a race, nor was it intended for a certain race of women.  However in this crusade for political correctness the social justice warriors have seen it necessary at times to make up offenses. If you lack the material to destroy your opponent it then becomes necessary to produce your own. With the ability of the internet to quickly spread false information it has become ever harder to clear yourself of accusations.  Colin, just for posting a mild joke, will be vilified by many.

And yet there is hope. While the social justice warriors have their tools, those fighting for free speech now have their own. The old saying put your money where your mouth is has been amazingly demonstrated on Colin’s Patreon page. As of April 1st 6229 people have donated, totaling a whopping $40,602. This outpouring of support serves not only as a way to support a wrongly framed man but as a way to send a message.

People fighting for free speech are beyond words now. Their willing to put their money together to display their resistance. This has been also seen with Dave Rubin’s Patreon page, and a firm supporter of Colin Moriarty. Despite them only meeting a week before for an interview Rubin quickly went to Colin’s rescue.  In a video where the two sat down after the tweet Colin said the following. “When I was out there drowning, you were the first one to lend me your hand…. Your my newest friend and you treated me like you were my oldest friend.  When people out there that I have known forever just abandoned me. And thank you.”

Its sad times we live in when people are too afraid to defend their friends because some anonymous twitter users and muck racking journalists decide its time to launch a crusade.  One would hope they would chose their real life relationships over some outrage from people they may never meet. Sadly not for Colin. He chose to leave Kinda Funny so he would not bring any harm to their reputation in respect for his friends, while they decided not to defend him.

However out of this maybe a new coalition will arise. A formation of people around the internet coming together under a united cause. One dedicated to fighting for free speech, no matter how hard the social justice warriors fight against them. One banded together in a new brotherhood hoping to expand and explore new ideas, instead of silencing them. Instead of having to defend themselves they will defend each other, and reap the freedom given by free speech.